Fynd partners with Vizard to personalise image-based marketing across channels

September 18, 2022
2 Minutes
This article was first published at TIMESOFINDIA.COM on September 18, 2022

NEW DELHI: Retail omni-channel ecosystem and multi-platform tech company, Fynd has partnered with Vizard, a visual hyper personalisation tool to reimagine marketing initiatives.

Vizard is a no-code, image personalization tool that instils relevance into communication across channels including Whatsapp, push notifications, chatbots and emails.

“Until now the personalization in marketing was limited to text,” said Amardeep Singh, founder, Vizard. “The next chapter of personalization is visual, this includes personalized images & videos. With Vizard, Fynd is now connecting with their customers at a deeper personal level and has seen an immediate positive impact on their conversions.

"Vizard creates deeper customer connections by generating a unique, personalized image, on the fly, for every single customer that the brands target. Its data-driven approach allows brands to create visual templates with customizable elements like name, city, last searched product. This results in tweaked versatile images to resonate with each customer.

“We increased our cart abandonment campaign click-through rates by 80% right from the first campaign. Vizard has given us a competitive edge and added real value to our customers who now receive personalized messaging through our marketing campaigns as well as in our regular push notifications” said Farooq Adam, co-founder, Fynd.

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