Build deeper customer connections with personalized images in WhatsApp Business

Generate hyper-personalized on-brand images on-the-fly & send via your favorite customer engagement tool. Increase engagement campaign click-through rates by 50%+

How Vizard works

1. Design

Create the design using your favorite tool

2. Upload

Send it to Vizard with 1-click

3. Templatize

Tag dynamic elements with variable labels

4. Generate

Copy the dynamic image URL to your customer engagement tool

Master template to millions of personalized variants in a snap

No two customers are same, why send them the same message?

Personalize images with recipient name, profile data, dynamic prices, discounts, store locations, availability & more!

Start in minutes
No-coding required

Works in all your Customer Channels

Delight your customers with highly personalized images in their preferred engagement channel.

Web & Mobile Push Notifications
WhatsApp Business
In-App Notifications

Integrates with your favorite tools

Customer Engagement Platforms: Send campaigns with personalized images using your existing CEP. Get started within minutes.

Marketing Automation: Take your sales & marketing automation to the next level with highly personalized images in your outbound communication.

Custom: Easily build your custom workflows & automations using Zapier. Connect Vizard with 100s of tools.

Template powered & data-driven dynamic elements

Vizard brings design to your customer data. Engage users with meaningful creatives in your customer communications.

Create rich templates with multiple dynamic elements to choose from.

Remote Data (coming soon)

What are our customers saying?

We increased our cart abandonment campaign click-through rates by 80% right from the first campaign.

Farooq Adam, Co-Founder, Fynd

At AdYogi we have been using Vizard for over 2 years now. It has played a key role in us delivering superior performance for our eCommerce clients. I highly recommended Vizard to any eCommerce brand serious about customer loyalty.

Anshuk Aggarwal, Co-Founder, Adyogi

Generate personalized images on-the-fly. At scale.

No coding needed
Start within minutes
Scale to millions of images
Integrates with your existing tools