We have upgraded to Vizard 2.0

August 31, 2023
6 min
Amardeep Singh

In our quest to improve Vizard and constantly look for ways to make it easier for our customers to start their journey into the world of rich media personalization, we have recently upgraded it.

We share with you some of the changes we have made.

Fresh New Look

Our goal with Vizard was to create a refined and sophisticated user interface. To achieve this, we implemented clean and minimalist design elements.

New Template Library

We also revamped the template library. Vizard now offers a full-page Template Library. We are constantly adding new templates to give our users multiple templates to select from.

Vizard's New Template Library

We have also added pagination on the Templates page, making it easier for the users to navigate multiple templates quickly.

Vizard-Template Library-Pagination

Improved Template Management

Users can tag their templates and edit template names per their specifications. They can also search templates using the tags. Vizard also has a plain text search option to find relevant templates.

Vizard-Improved Template Management-Tags

New and improved Design Editor

The ease of design is at the core of our platform. We have decluttered our design editor to provide a distraction-free editing experience to the users. Now, you have a full-screen Design Editor with a left-hand side navigation menu consisting of different design elements, helping you create designs efficiently.

Vizard-New Design Editor

New workflows for 3rd party Integration

As you know, Vizard can be integrated with popular customer engagement platforms across different communication channels. In order to enhance and provide a seamless integration process with other customer engagement platforms, we have added new workflows for 3rd party integrations.

Vizard-New Workflows

Image Generation Methods

Vizard now supports 6 different image generation methods. Users can choose from various options available for personalized image generation based on their requirements and preferences.

Vizard-Image Generation Methods

Additionally, users can download the personalized images generated to their local device in a single click.

Vizard-Single Click download for Personalized Images

Usage Analytics

Usage analytics will enable users to track hourly, daily, or monthly usage. It will help them plan their campaigns better and keep a close eye on their consumption.

Vizard-Personalization Analytics


We did a lot of research and spoke to the existing customers. We went to the drawing board and took all the information to devise a new pricing plan. We have created self-serving pricing plans catering to the requirements of businesses of different sizes.

All you need to do is choose a plan that meets your requirements and add a credit card to start!

We are constantly looking for ways to improve Vizard. If you want to provide feedback on a particular feature or want us to add any new features, you can write to us at [email protected].

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