Rich Media Personalization – An Intro and its Benefits

July 17, 2023
4 mins
Amardeep Singh

You are a marketer in an eCommerce company and have just received an email from the Marketing Head. The brief is clear; devise a strategy for marketing on WhatsApp. You do your research and explore multiple use cases. In your research, you see a company's WhatsApp message wherein it had personalized both the text and the images it sends to its customers.

However, you have some questions regarding such campaign.

1.     How much time will it require to design personalized images in bulk?

2.     How much will it cost to personalize 1000s of images?

3.     Is it possible to automate the personalization process?

4.     Would it require a change in your current tech stack or a variance in the current workflow of your designers?

In this blog, we answer these queries and share insights about rich media personalization.

What is Rich Media Personalization?

Rich media personalization refers to the practice of tailoring and customizing content, such as images, videos, and interactive elements, to match the preferences, interests, and characteristics of individual users. It allows brands to deliver personalized experiences that are engaging, relevant, and targeted to specific users.

Rich Media Personalization at Scale

Let us make some simple calculations. Let us say we want to run 1 marketing campaign requiring the creation of 10,000 personalized images.

Let us consider that a designer will need 2 hours to create a template and 5 mins to personalize each image. The total turnaround time will be approx. 835 hours. Considering a 40-hour work week, it would require nearly 21 weeks to personalize 10,000 images. If we want to complete this task in just 1 week, we will need 21 designers working on it.

You can multiply the average salary of a designer in your location or the average payment to an outsourced vendor to calculate the costs involved. And all this for just 1 campaign consisting of only 10000 personalized images. For B2C businesses, the number of customers runs into millions. Also, they run multiple such campaigns every month.

Manually generating personalized rich media for a large customer base is unfeasible. The best option here is to automate the process.

How can you automate Rich Media Personalization?

Rich Media personalization platforms like Vizard help you automate the personalization process. A graphic designer can create a base template using design tools like Sketch, Figma, AdobeXD, Photoshop, Illustrator or Framer. Once the template is ready, they import it to the rich media personalization platform.

After that, they will have to tag the attributes in the template, like name, price, photos, time, etc.; they want to personalize. They will also import the data corresponding to these attributes to enable the platform to personalize images by mapping them to the input data. The next step is to export these personalized images in the desired format. And that’s it! You have 1000s of personalized images ready in just minutes. You can now WhatsApp them to your target audience. The personalized images can also be used in your messaging across different channels depending on the compatibility of the platform you are using with others. Vizard can integrate with WhatsApp, and many other customer engagement channels and marketing automation platforms. It also allows you to build custom workflows and automation using Zapier.

Through automation, you are reducing weeks of work into minutes.

What are the benefits of Rich Media Personalization?

1. Meet Customer Expectations

Customers expect brands to personalize their messaging. Customers feel special when companies offer them personalized experiences. A McKinsey research report mentions that 76% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that personalize, 78% of customers are more likely to buy again from companies that personalize, and 78% of consumers are more likely to refer these companies to their friends and family. These stats indicate that customers view personalization as a default standard in their interactions with different brands.

Our clients have observed an increase of 50% or more in the CTRs of customer engagement campaigns; right from the first campaign. For cart abandonment campaigns delivered through WhatsApp, the CTR numbers have improved by as high as 80% in many cases. That’s the impact of personalization.

2. Brand Consistency

Each brand lays down branding guidelines, and designers spend hours creating designs as per these guidelines. However, if you want to create and share creatives on multiple channels or various locations, it can be hard to ensure consistency across all the variations. Rich media personalization platforms help maintain brand consistency by allowing users to change only the dynamic attributes. Other aspects of the image or the video, like the fonts, design, colors, etc., are not editable.

3. Reduce Content Production Costs

We have already calculated the costs to generate personalized media at scale for 1 WhatsApp marketing campaign. However, if the brand uses a rich media personalization platform, the media production cost will be comparatively lower. Also, many platforms offer multiple pricing options depending on the volume requirements of a brand. You can click here to check Vizard’s pricing.

4. Quick turnaround time

As we have seen earlier, we can do weeks of work in minutes. Also, with automation, personalization becomes a possibility for multiple marketing campaigns. It is essential because customers expect companies to personalize. If the company automates its rich media personalization process, it can churn out many personalized campaigns in a reasonably manageable timeframe.

Rich media personalization platforms enable companies to provide a positive experience to their customers and build a deeper and more personal connection with them. Make your customers feel special by personalizing their journey at each touch point through rich media personalization.

If you also want to adopt rich media personalization for your marketing initiatives, you can schedule a demo with Team Vizard. Our personalization experts will walk you through Vizard and discuss its application and use cases for your business.

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